1. Eat like a peasant.

Enjoy inexpensive but delicious vegetarian foods from different ethic traditions.

2. Make it from scratch.

Learn basic skills instead of paying for corporate processing plants to make your meals.

3. Buy basic supplies.

Supplies keep well. Groceries get forgotten at the back of the fridge and produce tons of trash. Stop driving to the store every day.

4. Eat beans.

Beans and lentils form the protein base of many countries' staple meals where frugal people don't use much meat.

5. Cook big batches.

Make your own convenience foods by making enough to freeze a stack of portions.

6. Preserve in season.

Buy fresh local fruits and vegetables in season and freeze, can or dry them.

7. Buy local.

Plan for a more localized future by supporting local growers.

8. Grow your own.

Even a tomato plant and a pepper plant on a balcony gives you a measure of self-reliance. Look into a community garden if you don't have any space of your own.

9. Be content.

Observe your eating and shopping habits and question them. You may find you can be satisfied with a much simpler diet.

10. Share.

Invite your friends for meals. Have pot luck dinners. Surprise people!

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