1. Eaters of fake meat

Well-meaning friends and family of vegetarians will often make a special effort to provide something that sort of looks like what they're having at the barbecue. That's fine, if you're really insisting on abstaining even when you're invited over for supper. (I don't.) But if you think this is what you have to eat, then think again. Here's a bit of homework I did to support my opinion that you can eat wonderfully without meat and never have to buy overly-processed, rubbery faux flesh. My homework on these is here.

2. Losers at weight loss

I came across this metafilter question about gaining weight on a vegetarian diet. The woman was eating all the above stuff and wondering why she was putting on the pounds. Duh.

3. Real Men Who Eat Quiche 

When I first hooked up with a vegetarian back in the early days of Frances Moore Lappé's reign, the first recipes I was drawn to were heavy on the cheese and eggs, such as quiche. So, I know it's a natural first step away from meat. But it's a teeny baby step, since the same industry produces milk, eggs and cheese as produces steaks, McNuggets and bacon. I'm not demonizing animal husbandry here, just reminding folks that if we're trying to scale back our footprint, we're relying mostly on plants for protein. And I promise you, if you quit eating meat and start eating pounds of cheese, you will get fat

4. Pasta addicts

I used to travel a lot for my job and eat in restaurants with groups of clients and co-workers. So, I've seen how people try to avoid meat when eating out (and who knows if they do it at home, too). Fettucini Alfredo, or pasta tossed in pesto. Make no mistake about it: most pasta is nothing but white flour. Empty calories. Refined starch. No fiber. No protein. As far as I'm concerned if I have to eat whole wheat pasta, I'd rather just have the bread. I do make myself macaroni and cheese about once a week. And that's my whole cheese ration, a piece of old cheddar 3"x1/2"x1 1/2". I make the cheese sauce with a half cup of skim milk made from powder. White macaroni. And lots of vegetables. I think of it as a treat, a step away from purity, but a heck of a lot better than following my nose into the Colonel's. You have to give yourself an occasional break when you've spent decades eating like the Cleavers. 

Good vegetarians

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