This black bean soup has a thick smooth background. Substantial enough to call it supper.

Soak: 4 c black beans in 12 cups water
Simmer 2-3 hours with:
4 large whole onions
6 whole carrot

6 whole stalks of celery
1/2 head of garlic, whole cloves peeled
2 heaping tablespoons of cumin
1 heaping tablespoon of chili powder
Lots of ground black pepper

When the beans are nice and soft, add:

A heaping tablespoon of salt

Then, fish the the (soft) cooked veggies out into a bowl and purée them in a food processor. Stir this smooth mixture back into the soup. This way the soup has all your protein and veggies for a meal in one bowl. Add cayenne if you like it spicier.

Serve with slices of polenta, fried in olive oil and butter.

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