Lunch #1

This cabbage soup has more vegetables, with all the fiber and vitamins that involves, than most people eat in a whole day. It's delicious and satisfying, too.

You can pack up your pot of soup in glass jars to take to work. You don't want to be micro-waving it in a plastic container. Or keep a china bowl at work.

Then after you've enjoyed your big bowl of soup, you have a peanut butter sandwich made with whole grain bread and just-peanuts peanut butter. And jam, if you like, especially if you make your own. Drink a hot cup of something along with it. Then you'll just have room for some fruit - fresh in season, canned or stewed-from-dried in the winter. And yogurt, if you're into it. 

Peanut Butter Sandwiches – Cheap Bread 

Lunch #2

Squash soup doesn't freeze well and I myself have a huge stock of butternut squash for this winter. So, before I start buying cabbages for soup, I'm going to eat up my squashes at lunch.

I made many jars of bread & butter pickles, which taste fabulous on sandwiches made with my homemade bread and hummus (just as good and cheap as peanut butter) and some sprouts.

Lunch #3

Miso Soup is handy when I'm out of batches of soup. I froze small bags of kale from my garden. I might toss in a few cubes of celeriac.

Egg salad sandwiches are yummy, but I don't like to eat mayonnaise too often, so just on those miso days works well.


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