It's good to use as little dairy as possible, to reduce the industry's impact on climate, water supply, the food chain and the soil. People who eat a 'vegetarian diet' full of pizza, omelets, quiche, and lasagna are eating lots of animal products.  I have a small amount of cheese maybe once a week, usually a few tablespoons of goat cheese in pasta sauce. 

In this program we eat about half cup of yogurt a day, if any. I eat it to fight candida. But the increasingly popular and available fermented vegetables would do the same thing for my gut biome.

It's up to you whether you believe in building bones and preventing osteoporosis by drinking milk. I read The China Study and I don't buy it. (Here's a review of the China Study over at Healthy Planet Diet.)  The author fought the cancer research establishment to prove that populations who eat very little or no meat and dairy have a lower cancer rate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has in 2015 released a report where they finally admit it's true.

I've been hearing almonds badmouthed for years as a crop that uses too much of California's shrinking water supply. That has adversely affected my willingness to use almond milk to replace cow's milk. No more!

"Meat and dairy industries currently comprise 47% of all water usage in California, while all other agriculture including the criminalized almond, accounts for 46% of water usage. In a recent segment on Democracy Now, Cowspiracy filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn explained that while almonds account for nearly 10% of California’s water supply, those almonds produced in California meet 80% (!!) of the entire world’s almond demands."

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