This comment from the blog is worth a new page on the site. I’ve been dragging my feet over buying some sort of grinder and I think Michael has just about convinced me. I have friends who store pails of whole grains, so I know he's right. It’s important that people not go off half-cocked stocking up on things they ‘should’ have if they aren’t in the habit of actually using those foods. He does a great job of selling us on the comforting rituals and the flavor! 

We eat many different grain-based meals for breakfast. I have 2 quart mason jars of wheat, oat, and rice ground on our kitchen aid as cereals. Our cast iron enamelware #7 dutch oven cooks the grains with residual heat after boiling. We add powdered milk, many different dried fruits, some fresh fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter and a bit of sugar in our widely varied cereals. The based grains are cheaper than bulk quick oats and have a pleasing texture. They are also organic. We have done this for so many years that we don’t think of it as anything but normal. The taste of fresh fine-cracked grains is just outstanding. These same cracked grain bases are also spiced differently for savory dishes and sides.

Cracking the grain can be done in a blender, or better a HD blender like a vitamix. We use a grinding attachment for our kitchen aid mixer. The ritual of making our own fresh organic grain cereals for breakfasts and other meals is satisfying. The cost of these bulk grains, and their amazing storage life should have people flocking to them and buying bulk. When we grind, we grind 12 quarts of grains, 4 each of brown rice, wheat and oats. These cook faster, saving more energy. Overnight soaking is often employed to speed cooking.

I am glad you are doing this site. Bulk organic grain cooking is one strong way to go, both sweet and savory. These grains make great side dishes, main dishes and desserts. Sounds like a hassle, it isn’t. The rituals round out one’s life and grinding your own brings you into closer touch with food production.

Good all around, and a smaller footprint. Very importantly, this also positions one for the big downturn now evident when everything changes. We buy bulk grain in 5 gallon pails. Huge savings and protection from supply disruptions. Everyone should have a couple of hundred pounds of grain hanging around in these uncertain times. As it turns out, you will find you prefer eating fresh ground grain. So the right thing to do, is the best tasting, and the best from a standpoint of your budget and preparedness. Try it, you will love it.

Michael Dougherty

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