Weekend "Retreat from Industrial Food"  Details here.

Ten in Ten Diet Dinner Party

Here's a way to share the diet with friends:


Choice of Squash Soup or Cabbage Soup

Baking Powder Biscuits (one batch with unbleached flour, one with whole spelt flour)


Black and Orange (beluga lentil stew with mashed sweet potatoes and rutabaga)

Apple Pie

Ten in Ten One Month Retreat

If you've ever been on a group retreat where you just show up for meals and eat what's offered, you know the peace of mind that affords. This is nothing like the vast range of options offered at all-you-can-eat resorts, but a conscious removal of choice from your day. These recipes may not be the ones you would settle on once you realized that eating simply is for you, but they give you a map to get up to speed quickly, or rather gear down quickly.

One way to implement the program is to jump in with both feet and fully revel in its narrowness, rejoice in its predictability. Clear out your cupboards and fridge to eliminate the selection of items that you wouldn't be buying if you ate this way. You can make the big batches over the first week or two and stock your freezer, and start enjoying the simplicity, the vacation from food-as-fun. Stay aware that you are eating much more like the global poor and take satisfaction from resting lower on the food chain. Think about how this way of feeding yourself could lower the income you need to live well, how it affects where you think you could be happy living.

Facebook Group

If you're lucky enough to have a nice group of like-minded buddies nearby, you could all try this out without committing to big batches of food you've never tasted. Since the whole idea is to store meals so you can continue eating conveniently, these recipes are all for 3-8 servings. You could taste them by doing this. Get a bunch of friends to make up one recipe each.

1. Black bean soup & polenta
2. Pinto beans & 3 cups of brown basmati rice
3. Red soup
4. Squash soup (double batch) and hummus
5. Chili & 2 cups of kasha
6. Black & Orange (double batch)
7. Curried red lentils (double batch)

Each person packs up a stack of single servings.
You meet and trade so everyone has one of everything.
Then you have a week on the program.

Note on restaurants
Now that I'm living on a subsistence income, I only eat out when there's a reason. In fact, beside the 'restaurants' column of my monthly expenses spreadsheet is another column for those reasons. It could be that I was on a road trip, or visiting a friend or relative out of town. The point is that I never eat out because I can't be bothered cooking or I want some extra excitement. I admit this is easy out here in the country where our friends all live similarly and are content with pot luck meals for social gatherings. An advantage of renouncing eating out as entertainment is that we set an example of contentment with less for our extended family, friends and co-workers. This is exactly the contagion needed to lower the planetary effects of the food system.

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