Thank you for having recipes using milk powder, especially the yogurt one. I’m going to try a variation on the yogurt recipe using a large slow cooker with glass individual serving yogurt containers. I’ll try the first batch without gelatin because I like thin yogurt almost the consistency of Kefir. I love your recipes, keep up the great work."


"Thanks for this, I was looking for something to help my vegetarian budding eco conscious college student develop lifelong healthy cheap eating habits and your blog spells it all out so concisely."


"I’ve read your comments on Jim Kunstler’s website, and I’m glad to have finally taken the time to check out your site. We’re in rural northern California, homesteading, gardening, cooking, and generally living much as you recommend."


"I did a check of my expenditure...monthly, the figures are way off the $150 mark you propound: Average for the year is around $260 a month, which even with the occasional cleaning product or kitchen utensil or disposable, is still too much.
You have really got me thinking.
I just want to thank you again for some wildly intuitive ideas.  I really have got to make some lifestyle changes."


"I am very happy to have some kindred spirits out there trying to eat better without being totally vegan. Its not that I am opposed to eating meat but like you say over and over again, Americans eat way too much meat! Not to mention the maltreatment and carbon footprint. Plus I love beans and legumes. My kids are even ok with most of what I cook. I look forward to trying your soup.

Kudos to you for the site and keep up the good work."

Sacramento Metro News (link)

"...to help those still struggling to hold on to their properties, those who are squatting on the properties waiting for the two or three years it will take for the courts to sort out who actually owns them, and, for the few forward-looking landlord magnates now plunging into penury... For those who want to live cheaper and eat healthier, here is the 10 in 10 Diet."


The cabbage soup is a little piece of heaven.


Lynn • after futzin' around with the PDF, I was able to make a copy of all the pages ... beautiful. I am soooooo happy. What I thought I'd do is make a copy for each of my children and give them as Christmas gifts.

Thanks so much for doing all the work and making this available to grateful readers.


"I’m definitely in the cabbage soup cult now. I add 1/2 jalapeno to the recipe and use agave instead of the sugar. Sometimes I add a rutabaga or chopped up potato and some fennel seeds, too. It’s fun to make it a little differently each time."


"Next week I will finish a two-year intense culinary program at a Los Angeles community college... Vegetables are low on the list of priorities, almost an afterthought... I just discovered this website and hope to really study and use your wisdom... Thank you for this excellent site. I look forward to using it this summer."


"Lynn, I’ve been eating recipes from your site for the past two weeks and love it! I’ve been vegetarian for two years now, but couldn’t seem to get down simple meals to have on a regular basis. Cooking large quantities is not something you see in most recipes, so your recipes with this method has really helped me out. Now I don’t have to focus so much on food and can spend that time living:) Thanks for your help!"


"I enjoyed the Contentment video very much.  I think I could watch it everyday."

Mary Ann

"I spent about 3 hrs. reading your site & loved every minute of it. I have been veg. for about 20 years, but my husband is not. Since retirement I try to spend less also. Your site if so full of good stuff. If you have a book I can purchase, please e mail me the info."

"Thought I’d drop in and let you know that I tried your Red Lentil Curry yesterday, and it was great! I had the curry, but I went ahead and put the cumin, coriander and turmeric in there anyway. I couldn’t believe that something without meat could be so tasty. Thanks so much for posting that one. Next on my list is to try the Black and Orange. Never had a rutabaga in my life – don’t even know if they carry this in my local store, but I’m off to the store to shop for rutabagas…."

and a few days later:

"Just ate my first ever rutabaga!  I know this is ridiculous, but I am so excited to have eaten a NEW food and this recipe was delicious.  We live in a rural part of the Virginia mountains, Floyd County, and I had to call two local grocers before I found rutabagas.

This was just another excellent recipe, Lynn.  I am so pleased that I found your site.  I recently got news that my husband is having memory issues.  Well, of course, it wasn't news to me, but it was confirmed by the doctors (which of course makes it true). :)

As a consequence, I'm looking to pare down costs since we don't know quite what is to come.  But then again, whoever does? I kept wondering if it would be possible to reduce my grocery costs (since that is a continuous day to day expense for everybody) but still have healthy meals that didn't taste like cardboard.  As an answer to my question, I fell across your site.

Many thanks to you for taking the time to do this.  Next on my adventure is the black bean soup and polenta..."

"...totally rocks! I just sent a link to my mom. I moved from Ontario to Dresden Germana few years ago and she was visiting. She's just left, not before plunking two cabbages into my fridge. She makes a killer cabbage soup and I'm tickled pink to see you singing its praises. Indeed, a great deal of your diet is familiar to me." 

"First, let me thank you for this plan! I thought I was the only one freaking out over meal planning and food expenses.  My girlfriend and coworkers think I’m crazy, but this is ideal for my budget, lifestyle and beliefs."

"I tried two of your recipes while I was snowed in this week. I used some 10 year old Y2K supplies that needed used. I made black bean soup. My black beans have been stubborn and hard to soften, probably because they were so old. This time I used the overnight soaking and the quick soaking methods recommended in my Mennonnite Cookbook. Then, I cooked them overnight in the crockpot. They finally were soft and the soup was good. I also made muffins twice, first time with apples, second time with frozen cherries picked on our farm last summer. I used part wheat flour in the muffins and substituted almond flavoring for the vanilla in the cherry recipe. My husband really liked the cherry muffins. Good stuff!"


"I've just had a very nice bowl of your porridge. Dates were on sale yesterday and raisins seemed expensive, so I used dates, cut up into raisin-size pieces, and that worked well."


"I have been thinking on the same lines for a few months now, so it is great to see this site! I have found that it takes time to change eating. I have also learned that my kids won’t change unless I do so first. I am introducing things gradually...Thanks for this contribution. It’s walking the walk!"
"Kick-ass soup, Lynn! I, like several posters, found you through Jim Kunstler’s blog. I love the spirit of this website, although I have to say you’re preaching to the choir with me, since my family already eats this way. I get really creative with spices and herbs, and prefer to spend money on high-quality spices and bulk herbs to go with my local or organic produce than on pre-packaged food or expensive meats."

California Girl
"Lynn~ I was raised an entitled city girl, Orange County California. I hate cooking/dealing with food period. Raised in the 70s on Wonder Bread, Coca Colas and every dreamy processed food imaginable, my favorite being Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes. I found your site through comments at J Kunstler. Read him religiously. After 40 years of hard living I live on 10 acres and am learning your way. I made your Cabbage Soup and IT IS OVER THE TOP DELICIOUS ultra inexpensive and simple. THANK YOU! Can’t wait to try my next 10in10 recipe.

"Just tried the cabbage soup... very nice. Friends and family enjoyed it, as well.
Thank you!"

"Followed you off of JHK today. Immediately went to the kitchen to whip up the Cabbage Soup. Had a lovely cabbage that I used about 2/3 of. Saved the rest for cooked cabbage, cabbage rolls, and cole slaw. It’s just the 2 of us, so 1 head can find lots of uses. I halved the recipe sort of. The grapeseed oil really made a difference. Before adding the apple cider vinegar, the soup tasted great. After the vinegar, I thought, oh no what have I done? Boiled it to a fair ye well and it was so tasty. I did sub tomato paste with roasted garlic, but it probably didn’t change things much. Both of us thought it was a delicious soup. Thanks so much! Keep up the intelligent site."

"Well, wish me luck. I’m going to 'implement the program' gradually beginning with the oatmeal breakfast while I finish off the food we have in the freezer etc. Then I’ll add lunch and move into dinner. I’m actually tired of the 'what am I going to make for dinner' endless repetitive nightmare. I want simplicity and if I can save the planet while I’m at it, bonus. Will update as I grumble along."

a week later:
"Well, here I am grumbling along. I'm eating my oatmeal and yoghurt with berries every morning and it's absolutely fine. Yes I need a system that requires little thought as I've 'other' things to do. Something tells me I wasn't put on the planet to roast venison with pureed turnips and parsley... I hope I'm not wrong about that. I did take your kind advice Lynn and I have cream in my coffee so I don't feel deprived. I've all the ingredients for the cabbage soup lined up for tomorrow. That'll be such a pleasure! No thought whatsoever. Soup and a peanut butter sandwich. How simple! :)"


"I am having fun with your site. My wife and I cook very similarly to what you suggest, but we have two teenage boys who are competitive swimmers, and we have to work very hard to feed them. Calorie dense eating might be something to consider. These guys could not eat enough peanut butter to provide the protein and fat they need."

A week later..."We will continue to try your recipes.  The cabbage soup was outstanding.  It satisfied my hunger too.  I will see about the boys."

"Nice idea for a website. Thank you for pointing out the cost-effectiveness of your plan before the carbon footprint. Those of us making less than 35K/yr. thank you for that."


"It always amazes me how many people don't know the first thing about cooking from scratch and cooking from "real" food ingredients ..because they didn't grow up in a home where food was cooked from the real ingredients, they learned food came from a 'box' or a 'bag,'  I guess I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, both parents were 'foodies' one an RN, one a food chemist and we were always cooking from scratch.
While the things you do are not new to me, many people do need a guideline or a roadmap to eating healthily and frugally and need to be shown how to do so....thank you!"


"Good idea about keeping cooking simple AND delicious. More mindful cooking can make a difference."


"I really like the information you have put on your site and I intend to share with others!  I have found my life being reflected in the dark mirror of a gathering storm and I see much of what you post as simple solutions, albeit demanding some discipline, for a scaled down, hopefully more-cooperative future society."


"I am still enjoying the cabbage soup.  I find it immensely satisfying and, interestingly, while I'd been walking upwards of 9 km. most days for almost 2 months, I lost only one pound (which was ok, since losing weight was not the purpose - possibly walking the Camino someday is), but after just 2 days eating the soup, I lost 2 lbs and during the weeks I am home to eat the soup, which haven't been many this fall, I seem to lose an additional 2 pounds.  What is more interesting, is that I am not gaining when I am away like I did before.  I assume my metabolism has changed, whether from the soup or the walking (or both), tho I have/do neither while on the road."

Escrow Mama:
'I linked to your site this morning from clusterfucknation this morning and I gotta say I love the whole idea of simplifying my diet using your plan. I already cook big batches with the intent of having "planned overs". Your site has inspired me to start eating even more peasant-like.

'Reading some of your site, I really wish I could print out a copy and have it to read in the kitchen... Having been out of work for a year and divorced just prior to that, I have found myself pinching every penny just to pay my child support, leaving very little to actually feed myself (and the kids when they are over 3 days a week).

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