If we're going to be so virtuous as to eat a cheap, meatless, peasant diet this doesn't mean we have to give up eating delicious things like desserts. Having a few foolproof recipes for healthy, slightly sweet goodies means we're not smashing our desires too relentlessly. Many recipes for baked goods are very fuzzy on the method. Mine are really clear on what order to mix and assemble things. This works.

And this is the place to mention sweeteners. "Honey is natural and healthful", Richard, a beekeper in New Jersey says, "and the bees pollinate flowering plants, produce more green which photosynthesizes CO2 into O2.  What could be better? And it's yummy too".  Most of my baking recipes have both sugar and honey, since sugar is cheaper. But if you want to support your local beekeeper more, then use all honey! Richard says, "Supermarket honey is most likely Chinese and stands a great chance of being adulterated with everything from antibiotics to HFCS to sugar water to who knows what else".

A note on sugar: GE sugar beets have been grown in 10 US states and two Canadian provinces over the past four years, says Monsanto. In North America, roughly 95 percent of the 2010 sugar beet acreage was Roundup Ready varieties. Regarding Canadian-grown GE sugar beets, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) said only one company processes those beets, and that is Lantic Sugar. What I have in my cupboard is Redpath,
which says 'pure cane sugar' on the bag.

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