Storms of my Grandchildren
James Hansen
A must-read if you've ever argued with someone who doesn't 'believe in' climate change

The China Study
T. Colin Campbell
This book settled my mind about protein and calcium in a vegetarian diet.

The Barbara Kraus Dictionary of Protein
Barbara Kraus
Probably out of print. Very handy.

Drinking the Rain
Alix Shulman
Fueled my dream of moving to the country and being sort of self-sufficient.

New Science of Life by Rupert Sheldrake
I loved what he said on CBC, the series, How to think about science (they have audio files online.)

Wherever You Go There You Are
Jon Kabat-Zinn
This taught me mindfulness practice.

Nothing Special
Charlotte (Joko) Beck
Very practical Zen.

A Simple Path
The Dalai Lama
Perfect introduction.

Diet for a Small Planet
Frances Moore Lappé
If you're worried about protein, get this.

How to be Good
Nick Hornby
A novel. I, too, had a spiritual teacher move into my house for some months. For me this was a laugh-out-loud read.

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