My friend Eric gave me turnips and rutabagas periodically last winter, demonstrating the success of his method of storing them. He has a cold room, not technically a root cellar. The space under my screen porch is damp the way root cellars are supposed to be, so I don't think I have to be as concerned as he is about my bins drying out.

I got clean wood shavings from a planing mill and soaked them in big plastic storage bins, then drained them for a week or so. The unwashed roots go in layers with the chips preventing them from touching each other or sitting in water on the bottom. (They may need to be re-wetted periodically.)

It's been a few weeks since I put the turnips and rutabagas down there. Yesterday's (October 16) turnip had delicate filaments growing out of the root. So it thought it was still in the ground and was as fresh and crisp as could be. A turnip will totally shrivel in the fridge in a week.

Mid-December update: Everything is still alive, growing filaments and thin laves, but crunchy and fresh.

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