When I moved out here to live on a shoestring by eating beans, I resolved that if money became extra tight (like, say, we had a major global economic meltdown) then I'd accept that I couldn't afford to buy only organic foods. It happened.

Some of the four large sacks of 'organic' dry beans I ordered through a health food store in 2005 arrived in bags labeled 'Product of China'. So, I concluded that in some cases 'certified organic' may have dubious validity.

One thing I've been a bit too uncomfortable with is cheap canola oil. I use olive or grape seed for cooking, but I get gallon jugs of cheaper oil for baking and popping corn. I know that both canola and corn are GMO crops.

The other thing I've learned recently is the damage the herbicide Atrazine does. I read about the Atrazine research by frog biologist Tyrone Hayes . (Much of what is online about Hayes sounds like the climate deniers' claims about Micheal Mann and Al Gore, written by Big Ag).

So, I'm switching to organic popping corn, and sunflower oil. Sunflowers are attacked as weeds by even residues of herbicide, so it certainly isn't being used on sunflower fields. This will rid my diet of big chunks of GMO food and food that may have Atrazine residues. I started buying organic, locally-grown wheat flour awhile ago, since wheat is another big chunk of my diet that's often GMO and is grown with the use of herbicides.

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